Team Updates

Welcome to our new website! This section is managed by our student Public Relations team. Updates from the students, including meeting schedules, outreach events, and season updates will be posted here!

2022 Meeting Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -after school until 9pm

Saturday -from 9am to 3pm

We're Going to the FMA District Championship!

Competition Two Recap-Seneca

This weekend, we attended the Seneca Event. We ended up captaining the 8th alliance, working with 6226 Blue Devils and 4573 SRNJRambotics. After the event, we helped take down the field and pack it up for shipping. Special shoutout to our safety captain, Sherly, who won the safety all-star award! It was a great weekend!

Competition One Recap- Hatboro Horsham

This weekend was our first competition of the season! Our team competed at Hatboro-Horsham High School, and we made it into the playoffs, in the second alliance with 1640 Sab-BOT-age and 1807 Redbird Robotics, as well as backup team 5113 Combustible Lemons. We made it to the finals, and ended up placing second, competing against 5895 Peddie Robotics, and their alliance partners 2539 Krypton Cougars and 2095 Direct Current. All in all, it was a great weekend!

Week Seven Recap

This is the last weekly recap from our build season! This is because we are headed into competition season. Our team has been hard at work on our robot, racing to the final product! While this has been going on, our Art and Public Relations teams have been working on last minute competition media!

Week Six Recap

This week our public relations team shot our Chairman's video and gave our presentation in front of the SHRPA parents. As far as robots go, we continued to cut out pieces to build our drive train!

Week Five Recap

This week, we started cutting out pieces using the CNC! Progress continued to be made on the mechanisms, and programming became more apparent.

Week Four Recap

This week, we held some driver practice, and our PR team hosted our first ever Instagram Live. We also continued to work on and improve or climbing mechanism in particular!

Week Three Recap

This week, we had smaller meetings with the goal of focusing on specific essential tasks. The general meetings scheduled for later during the week were snowed out, but the meetings we did have were wildly productive!

Week Two Recap

This week, we honed our design for our intake and shooter mechanisms, with our shooter becoming incredibly consistent. Progress was also made on our climbing mechanism. Our design team has done an incredible job creating the CAD models for our drive train.

Week One Recap

This week, we focused on prototyping the mechanisms for our robot. Groups of members designed and tested possible designs by building mockups and attempting to run them through their intended tasks.