About Us

Our team, FRC Team 2180, was founded in 2007 at Steinert High School with only 8 students and one mentor, our founding robotics moderator, Mr. David Kohler. In 2022, the role of Lead Coach was passed from him to Mr. Steven Pae. In the many seasons since our founding, our team has developed to have nearly three times the amount of members, and a complex team structure specifically designed to enhance productivity on our team.

We have participated in many outreach and service events in our time as a team. Recent highlights include our school district Tech Night, where we, along with FRC teams 2495 and 2191, demonstrated our robots as a part of a greater event celebrating technology in education, elementary school visits, where we show of our robot and lead a STEM activity, and the NAMI walk, where we helped hydrate and motivate participants.

Team Structure

Recent Achievements

District Event Finalist- Hatboro-Horsham Event (2022)

Team Spirit Award- Bethesda, MD (2020)

District Event Win- Westtown Event (2018)

Team Spirit Award- Hatboro-Horsham Event (2017)

Excellence in Engineering Award- Bridgewater-Raritan Event (2016)

Gracious Professionalism Award- Montgomery Event (2016)