FIRST Team 2180 Zero Gravity

Learn, Grow, Serve

Learn. Grow. Serve.These three words outline all that we do here in FIRST Team 2180. 

Zero Gravity FIRST Team 2180 strives to learn creative problem solving and cooperative skills; to grow our opportunities and other's interest in our program; and to serve our communities by promoting FIRST and STEM.  Our team has been around and competing for 11 years now and only getting better every year. We first became acquainted with the FIRST program by our involvement in the Vex challenge in the fall of 2007. During that time, our team was very small and inexperienced, but ambitious. A year later, we secured our position as a rookie team in 2008, after being named top rookie seed in 2007. Part of our success here is the strong parent involvement and the determination of our students.

 “The opportunities presented by FIRST are the marriage of scientific and social interactions in a committed, interested group. Through the Organization, creative thinking and problem solving - as well as socializing and friendship making - can coexist. To me, FIRST is a preparatory model of the working world where you make up a group - regardless of your assets or strengths.”

steinert high school