FIRST Team 2180 Zero Gravity

Learn, Grow, Serve

Zero Gravity won at Westtown with teams 708 and 2607.
Good luck to everyone and congratulations to 2180 for their first win.

Seneca High School  - First Robotics Competition Event - March 23 - 25th

ATTENTION: If you are attending the Seneca First Robotics Competition this March 23 -25th you need to complete the two forms below:

Students - If you attended Westtown Event, you only need to turn in the Hamilton Permission slip to Dawn Papale or Mr Kohler by March 22.... If you did not attend the Westtown event then you need to hand-in both forms below.

Adults & Mentors If you did not attend Westtown event then you can give the form to Dawn at the event.

If you are not a student at Steinert High School - Email your forms to Dawn - [email protected] by Thursday 3pm.

Students Only

Adults, Mentors & Students

Seneca High School
110 Carranza Road
Tabernacle, NJ

In order to participate in a Mid-Atlantic Robotics FIRST Robotics Competition event in any capacity (team member, mentor, volunteer), you must comply with FIRST and MAR requirements concerning Consent and Release Forms

10th, 11th, & 12th Graders -FIRST Scholarship Opportunities  

In dedication and memory to Jason

In dedication and memory to Jason, our family ask in lieu of flowers, donations in Jason's name made to the Steinert Robotics FRC TEAM 2180.  Back when Jason was a freshman in 2004, he joined the electronics class taught by Mr. Kohler.  During that time, Jason decided and help build the robotics club which formed in 2007.  During his time until graduating, with the help of his fellow classmates, competed against other clubs in the county, state, and around the United States including FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP in Atlanta, Georgia with winning the "Highest Rookie Seed" award.  His passion and leadership was the anchor of the team and found his niche with technology when the club was born.  Over the course of his life, he developed his leadership and core skill sets to help him be successful managing Ice Land Skating Center and Amazon at Robbinsville, NJ and Fall River, MA.  On behalf of Jason, we felt that instead of receiving flowers, we would like donations made to the robotics club where Jason started his career.  We are glad this program was create and drive other students to open their minds to the possibility of exciting opportunities.  We would like to thank Mr. Kohler and the rest of the teachers of Steinert High School for their dedication to their students and programs. 


Mentor's Corner

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